Top Sexy Blonde GIFS & Why They Have More Fun

We have all heard it said that blonds have more fun. But is this actually true? And if it is, why is it so? These top sexy blonde GIFS images & why they have more fun, have been compiled to prove it. In all honesty and fairness to blonds, they do get a bad rap. For some reason, people tend to perceive blond women as dumb and brunettes as smarter. At least when it comes to their hair color. At the same time, redheads are perceived to be more feisty.

Still, when it comes to hot and sexy GIF images of blond girls, the proof is in the pictures. The animated GIFS of blonds we found prove why blonde women have more fun. They also add to the case of why gentlemen – and every kind of person – prefer blonde women. One of the most beloved, desired and recognized blonds was and still is, Marilyn Monroe. It is very difficult to find an article about blonde women that does not contain a photo of the sultry and beautiful blond goddess. She was the epitome of what a sexy blonde woman should look like.



Many of the sexy blonde GIFS images on the internet show blond girls doing all kinds of things. When it comes to sex photos, you can find more porn GIFS about blonds than any other type of woman it seems. There is something so sexy and hot about a blonde in a bikini, panties or nude that makes every man – and woman – drool. They also make anyone who sees their pictures or animated GIFS desire them. Photos of hot blonde girls are great, no doubt. But nothing compares to an animated GIF image of a sexy and sultry blonde. The fact that blond GIFS are so popular proves that men prefer blonde women. Even when it comes to animated GIFS!

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