Funny GIFS Images of Epic Fails

An epic fail is described as a really spectacular, humorous or embarrassing mistake or action. Or a very humiliating situation that is often caught on camera. The fail part comes because most of the people performing the act, thought they were being cute, funny or charming. Instead, they end up creating an epic fail that is caught on camera forever.

These funny GIFS images of epic fails prove that point very well. In this awesome compilation of animated GIFS, there are many fails to enjoy viewing. Some of the fails are so funny, that you won’t be able to stop laughing. Others, simply make you cringe as you imagine the pain the person committing the epic fail went through.

MTV had a very popular TV show called Jackass which they eventually had to take off the air. Millions of viewers, trying to emulate the cast on the show or do something impressive, wound up making epic fails. Of course these epic fails were all caught on camera, and then turned to GIF images. The TV show Jackass spawned many copycats all over the world. There were also a large number of shows similar to Jackass. Ironically, the entire Jackass team even went on to make several major films which turned out to be huge box office hits. GIFS images of epic fails are so popular because they contain real people, performing dumb stunts. Or in really idiotic situations which turn worse while on camera.

The internet only serves as fuel to the fire of epic fail GIFS. Anytime a really funny GIF image of an epic fail is shared on the internet, millions others share it some more. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are magnets and hornet nests for epic fail GIFS. So many out there trying to impress their friends or others on the web, end up making complete asses of themselves. And while they might get hurt or humiliated as their epic failures are caught on film, we enjoy the epic fail gifs images they leave behind.

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