Top Sexy Blonde GIFS & Why They Have More Fun

We have all heard it said that blonds have more fun. But is this actually true? And if it is, why is it so? These top sexy blonde GIFS images & why they have more fun, have been compiled to prove it. In all honesty and fairness to blonds, they do get a bad rap. For some reason, people tend to perceive blond women as dumb and brunettes as smarter. At least when it comes to their hair color. At the same time, redheads are perceived to be more feisty.

Still, when it comes to hot and sexy GIF images of blond girls, the proof is in the pictures. The animated GIFS of blonds we found prove why blonde women have more fun. They also add to the case of why gentlemen – and every kind of person – prefer blonde women. One of the most beloved, desired and recognized blonds was and still is, Marilyn Monroe. It is very difficult to find an article about blonde women that does not contain a photo of the sultry and beautiful blond goddess. She was the epitome of what a sexy blonde woman should look like.



Many of the sexy blonde GIFS images on the internet show blond girls doing all kinds of things. When it comes to sex photos, you can find more porn GIFS about blonds than any other type of woman it seems. There is something so sexy and hot about a blonde in a bikini, panties or nude that makes every man – and woman – drool. They also make anyone who sees their pictures or animated GIFS desire them. Photos of hot blonde girls are great, no doubt. But nothing compares to an animated GIF image of a sexy and sultry blonde. The fact that blond GIFS are so popular proves that men prefer blonde women. Even when it comes to animated GIFS!

Ass Pictures That Broke The Internet

How can the internet be broken you might ask. Well, that usually happens when something or someone uploads and shares something on the web. And whatever they share, winds up breaking internet records such as shares, views and comments. There have been many ass pictures that broke the internet. These photographs were so amazing and jaw-dropping that they became sensations overnight.

In the real world, competition is what drives many of us to either succeed or fail. It is what pushes us to do things that others won’t dare do. Or to make sure that we do them far better than others. This same rule applies to a vast majority of celebrities. In fact, they tend to take the competition even more seriously. All of it is done in a quest to gain more fame, popularity, followers, views, comments or shares. While trying to accomplish that, some celebs have published photos of their private parts, nude or even having sex.


Some of the ass photos that broke the internet belong to stars such as Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Jessica Biel. But, the vast majority of photos that broke the internet belong to KK. Kim’s ass has often been called the 8th wonder of the world. It is that big and amazing. While there are some that hate on her big ass or claim not to like it, the vast majority of people do.


Another celebrity that has caused the internet to go abuzz via her amazing ass is Sara Jean Underwood. The Playboy centerfold, model and television host has published several photos of her bubble butt that are breathtaking and stunning. They’ve also caused the internet to go crazy as millions shared, commented and viewed them. Still, when it comes to images of butts or asses that have broke the internet, you have to mention female rapper Nicki Minaj. Her butt has always caused commotions on the internet. Some argue that Nicki Minaj’s ass defies gravity. In all, the world is a better place each time there are ass pictures that break the internet.

Funny GIFS Images of Epic Fails

An epic fail is described as a really spectacular, humorous or embarrassing mistake or action. Or a very humiliating situation that is often caught on camera. The fail part comes because most of the people performing the act, thought they were being cute, funny or charming. Instead, they end up creating an epic fail that is caught on camera forever.

These funny GIFS images of epic fails prove that point very well. In this awesome compilation of animated GIFS, there are many fails to enjoy viewing. Some of the fails are so funny, that you won’t be able to stop laughing. Others, simply make you cringe as you imagine the pain the person committing the epic fail went through.

MTV had a very popular TV show called Jackass which they eventually had to take off the air. Millions of viewers, trying to emulate the cast on the show or do something impressive, wound up making epic fails. Of course these epic fails were all caught on camera, and then turned to GIF images. The TV show Jackass spawned many copycats all over the world. There were also a large number of shows similar to Jackass. Ironically, the entire Jackass team even went on to make several major films which turned out to be huge box office hits. GIFS images of epic fails are so popular because they contain real people, performing dumb stunts. Or in really idiotic situations which turn worse while on camera.

The internet only serves as fuel to the fire of epic fail GIFS. Anytime a really funny GIF image of an epic fail is shared on the internet, millions others share it some more. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are magnets and hornet nests for epic fail GIFS. So many out there trying to impress their friends or others on the web, end up making complete asses of themselves. And while they might get hurt or humiliated as their epic failures are caught on film, we enjoy the epic fail gifs images they leave behind.