Ass Pictures That Broke The Internet

How can the internet be broken you might ask. Well, that usually happens when something or someone uploads and shares something on the web. And whatever they share, winds up breaking internet records such as shares, views and comments. There have been many ass pictures that broke the internet. These photographs were so amazing and jaw-dropping that they became sensations overnight.

In the real world, competition is what drives many of us to either succeed or fail. It is what pushes us to do things that others won’t dare do. Or to make sure that we do them far better than others. This same rule applies to a vast majority of celebrities. In fact, they tend to take the competition even more seriously. All of it is done in a quest to gain more fame, popularity, followers, views, comments or shares. While trying to accomplish that, some celebs have published photos of their private parts, nude or even having sex.


Some of the ass photos that broke the internet belong to stars such as Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Jessica Biel. But, the vast majority of photos that broke the internet belong to KK. Kim’s ass has often been called the 8th wonder of the world. It is that big and amazing. While there are some that hate on her big ass or claim not to like it, the vast majority of people do.


Another celebrity that has caused the internet to go abuzz via her amazing ass is Sara Jean Underwood. The Playboy centerfold, model and television host has published several photos of her bubble butt that are breathtaking and stunning. They’ve also caused the internet to go crazy as millions shared, commented and viewed them. Still, when it comes to images of butts or asses that have broke the internet, you have to mention female rapper Nicki Minaj. Her butt has always caused commotions on the internet. Some argue that Nicki Minaj’s ass defies gravity. In all, the world is a better place each time there are ass pictures that break the internet.

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