The World Of Funny Pics and Sexy Gifs

Why are there so many celebrities that love to take sex pictures? Could it be that what they are trying to do or were trying to accomplish was to take a sexy picture instead? Perhaps that was the case and it backfired. After all, there’s a thin line between sex and sexy. Well, there is also only one letter separating the two words. In a way, you can say that the two words are intertwined. And one usually paves the way for the other. Most people love seeing their partners or someone wearing something sexy before they have sex. That makes sex and sexy very close allies.

The reality is that we all love things or people that are sexy. And we all love having, reading, hearing or seeing photos about sex. Sex sells, which is why it is almost in every commercial, movie or TV show in one form or another. No one loves to sell themselves and sex, more than celebrities. That may explain why so many of them love to take racy and sexy photos. Even more so, there are many celebs who go a step further and take sex pictures.

Some famous people have published a great amount of sex pics for fans and the rest of the world. That has led to the creation of countless of porn GIFS created from these images. Or the porn GIFS derived from the actual videos of the naked or nude celebrities in sex acts. Other sex pictures come from celebs posing nude. They also come from them taking a role in a movie where they had to do a sex scene. That often leads to sex pictures or the creation of porn gifs images about the famous celebs.

The list of names of celebs who love taking sex pictures is very long. But, in some cases, these celebrities may not have meant for those pictures to be made public. However, that is another topic for debate. In truth, they did in fact take sex pics of themselves, of others or of them doing the sex acts. Still, there are some celeb sex pictures made public that were not the celebs fault. These were publicized by their lovers or partners at the time. And in very few instances, the paparazzi or fans.

When it comes to celebs who love taking sex pics, there is no name that comes to mind more than Kim Kardashian. She loves taking pics so much that she is called the Queen of the selfies. Kim actually became famous after a video of her having sex with her boyfriend was made public on the internet. Before that sex video, Kardashian was hardly known to most people. It was almost the same thing that happened to Pamela Anderson when a video of her having sex was also leaked on the internet. That video made Pamela more famous than ever. It also lead to hundreds of porn GIFS being created from the content of the video.

Kim Kardashian has learned from the sex video or sex pictures of her on the internet. Since then, KK has been posting nude or semi nude pics of herself almost daily. That may explain why she has so many followers on Twitter and Instagram. Another celebrity who seems to love taking sex pictures is Paris Hilton and Amanda Seyfried. Both have had videos of themselves having sex leaked on the internet. Paris though, had her career take off as a result of the sex pictures or sex video. There are a great deal of porn GIFS of Paris Hilton as well.

One celeb that appears not want to be left behind when it comes to celebs posting sex pictures of themselves is Miley Cyrus. This past year has seen a rise in the sex pics posted or made public by the famous singer. She mostly posts these sex pictures on her Instagram account where she has over 20 million followers. But some of the naked or nude photos of Miley which were published, were purported to have been from hackers who stole the images from her private account. That has happened to numerous celebrities this past few years. One of them is the famous actress Jennifer Lawrence. Her iCloud account was hacked and many images of her in the nude and in sexy poses were made public. It appears as if the sultry and beautiful Jennifer Lawrence loves taking sex pictures. This was obvious from the photos the hackers posted of her on the internet.

Not to be outdone by the female celebrities, some men have been getting into the act of posting nude or sex pics online as well. The famous teen pop star Justin Bieber recently had a sex pic of himself in the nude posted online. In the image, viewers can see Justin nude as he points to the water while on a boat in the ocean. John Legend also had a nude image of his backside posted on Instagram by his wife.

It is obvious from all these celebs posting either nude images or sex pictures of themselves, that they love the attention it brings them. And the fans who love the celebs, eagerly await the sex pictures. Then, they can make porn GIFS out of them and watch their favorite stars in the buff all day long.